Restoring credibility to the Carbon Trade

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About Us

Verdana's Mission Statement


Restore Credibility to the Carbon Trade


No more gaming the system. Digitizing pain points. This is what Verdana does.

Our Mission

Tackle the 3 Big Issues of the carbon trade and create lasting change with real solutions.

Our Uniqueness

Verdana reduces human intervention by going to the root cause of what plagues the carbon trade – extending Blockchain’s immutability to the carbon footprint.

Our Methodology

Verdana combines technology and standards to assess, validate, and certify carbon footprint data and analytics

Our Team

Verdana is comprised of seasoned professionals in software, telecommunications and data-center management, venture capitalists, and ESG specialists.
Our Founders
Braham Singh
Asad Sultan
Our Team
Love Yadav
Senior Advisor
Elizabeth Yang
General Counsel
Nachi Das
Senior Advisor - Business Development
Suraj Arora
Head of Investor Relations
Karen Seymour
Senior Advisor - Communications
Gerardo Pablo
Senior Advisor - Carbon Finance
Gaurav More
Keshav Ravichandran
Developer Intern

Global Branches

Verdana has offices located in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hong Kong and Mumbai, and joint venture partners in South America.