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Carbon credit speculators could lose billions as offsets deemed ‘worthless’

August 28, 2023

Since January this year article after article comes to the same conclusion — there’s a problem with nature based carbon credits. Since inception, Verdana placed itself on the other side with a solution – a different asset class of commerical carbon credits, unaffected by the vagaries and assumptions that plague nature-based assets.

What are these commercial carbon credits? They are carbon credits earned by commercial & industrial facilites through investment in emission reduction programs. These carbon credits are intrinsically more authentic simply because electrical and mechanical equipment lends itself better to measurement than a rainforest. Now if you add digital guardrails (that’s what Verdana does) to the measurement, reporting and verification of commercial carbon credits, you enhance the credibility further.

Given the current situation, we are seeing more and more offset buyers look to commercial carbon credits to avoid any greenwashing related headaches.

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