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Research Paper

CF2: Commercial Facilities Carbon Fund (A Carbon Credit Acquisition Fund)

August 13, 2023

Written By: Braham Singh, EcoConsortium Research.

Version: 1

Dated: 12-August-2023

Abstract: This position paper outlines the framework for a Commercial Facilities Carbon Fund (CF2) designed to acquire carbon credits generated by commercial facilities, electric vehicle (EV) and renewables asset classes. The fund leverages the Verdana digital platform to process, value, and manage carbon credits, with a focus on ensuring accurate pricing and forward purchase of these credits. By utilizing real-time data and dynamic adjustments, the fund aims to establish itself as a market maker, effectively setting the price for carbon credits in targeted markets. The fund’s structure is based on a Singapore-regulated Variable Capital Company (VCC) and is supported by Hatcher‘s Venture-as-a-service technology platform.

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