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DCX and Verdana announce partnership to reduce Green House Gas (GHG) emissions from agriculture and food waste

March 15, 2023

DCX, a Singapore based global SaaS platform for food commodity trading and logistics, will integrate with Verdana’s solutions that automate carbon management, facilitate carbon certification, and provide secure and credible carbon footprint analytics.
The initial focus will be on 4 verticals – Rice, Fertilizer, Livestock and Food Waste, as well as related service areas like warehousing and freight. Together these represent the largest opportunities for carbon credit creation in the farming and food sectors with a potential to reduce an estimated 5.7 billion tons of annual CO2 equivalent in GHG emissions.
DCX users will be able to access Verdana benchmarking and measurement tools as well as submit carbon credit claims for certification by standards bodies like CerCarbono, before putting the certified carbon credits up for sale on DCX’s carbon exchange, and other Verdana affiliated marketplaces.
Through Verdana, DCX has access to Green Financing for GHG reduction, and energy efficiency projects.
Stephen Edkins, CEO of DCX commented “Our partnership with Verdana allows us to plug into an end to end ecosystem for benchmarking, creating and buying credits. Our 1000+ users – who are in nearly all of the target verticals – will now get full visibility on their carbon footprint and tap into funds which will allow them to reduce it. We were particularly impressed by the Verdana commitment to transparent digitalization. Right now the process for certification is opaque and expensive. We aim to democratize that for everyone in the farming and food actors. This will increase food security while increasing income for farmers. There is no greater impact.”
“DCX’s commitment towards digitization is what the carbon trade needs from all stakeholders,” said Braham Singh, Chairman of Verdana. “There is a glut of unverifiable carbon credits in the market today. At Verdana we ensure an immutable chain carries data to the standards bodies certifying the credit. Such carbon credits stand above others and command a higher price.”

About DCX

DCX is a global provider of platforms for agri commodities and related products. The DCX Global Marketplace allows users from around the world to connect and transact initially in 4 agri commodity areas – Rice, Fertilizer, Grains and Pulses. Since its launch in 2020 the company has attracted over 1000 clients from 50+ countries around the world. The flexibility of the DCX platform allows the creation of regional and local marketplaces with smaller participants and local payments providers integrated. In addition to offering Global and Local Marketplaces, the DCX 2.0 platform will allow clients to license the platform for use via a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering promoting seam less digitalization and trusted reporting within their own groups and with clients and service providers.
About Verdana EcoConsortium
The Verdana Platform is a cloud-based SaaS system that automates carbon management, facilitates carbon trade, and provides secure and credible carbon footprint analytics. The platform is operational and currently being used to gather power consumption and carbon footprint data from dispersed commercial facilities across Asia and Europe. It is scalable, secure, open to authorized parties, and built on open-source modules. While the carbon footprint management business is expected to grow to $12B by 2025, Verdana’s Blockchained SaaS Platform is unique in providing end-to-end automation that restores credibility to the carbon trade.

Verdana and Eco-Registry have partnered to establish a digital carbon registry to offer digital registry services to voluntary sector and national carbon registries. Eco-Consortium ties into the World Bank sponsored CAD Trust to help affiliated countries meet their sovereign commitments to reducing Green House Gas (GHG) emissions. Eco-Consortium will track and manage carbon credits, while assisting the government verify actual emissions reductions. The proposed system is designed to enable all carbon trade stakeholders track and manage carbon credits and to fast-track deployment of national registries by having a back-office digital infrastructure do the work. The system components are already live and operating.

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