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Feasibility study on an Islamic Nations Climate Club: A White Paper

July 18, 2023

An EcoConsortium Reseach White Paper on The Feasibility study on an Islamic Nations Climate Club.

Written By: Braham Singh, EcoConsortium Research.

Version: 1

Dated: 30-June-2023

Abstract: This White Paper studies why climate clubs fail and conversely, what does it take for such an endeavour to succeed. We looked at why a country acting in their self-interest, will choose to enter a climate club and what sort of incentives and penalties would get members to not just commit to, but undertake, high levels of emissions reductions. The White Paper discusses optimal ways for a climate club to achieve Nash Equilibrium and the kind of membership profile that would benefit the most from participation. We use the Islamic nations as an example of an ideal subset bound together by a common belief. They also happen to be an almost perfect composition of countries that could collectively benefit from participating in a Climate Club. While this White Paper uses the Islamic nations to chalk out an ideal subset using various data driven arguments, the guidance it provides is applicable to other groups of nations coming together in Climate Clubs that adhere to a basic requirement to cooperate and meet/exceed their NDCs without watering down the few key principles this White Paper outlines. 

Climate club organizations may contact EcoConsortium at, for the digital model and processes developed from this research.

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