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Product Features Comparison Guide

March 6, 2023


The Verdana Blockchained SaaS platform allows you to monitor, manage and command all your carbon footprint and energy management KPIs, IT devices, Alarms, and CCTV video stream from anywhere, on any computer or smart device, though a single window. Importantly, the same immutable digital chain this platform creates from distant carbon footprints, also provides tamperproof dMVR (digital Measurement, Reporting, Verification) capabilities to approved third party stakeholders like auditors, verifiers, government
authorities, certifying carbon registries, and carbon exchanges.

Our platform is specifically adapted for application in carbon and asset management for commercial facilities.

This is a Product Features comparison between our two premium products E2 and E-Lite.

Last Updated: September, 2022

Keywords: Additionalitycarbon offsets, greenhouse emissions, cloud-based Software-as-a-Service, blockchain, transparency, immutability, GHG reporting, dMRV, commercial facilities, monitoring, measurement, verfication, dMRV

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