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Verdana Emissions Management System – Commercial Facilities

August 2, 2023


Verdana Emissions Management System (commonly referred to as Verdana), is a blockchain enabled combination of five types of digital technologies, applicable in industries like commercial facilities, renewables, electric vehicles, to name a few

1. A real-time “dMRV” Digital Measurement, Reporting, and Verification SaaS platform which empowers the users to measure, report, and verify various aspects of data and information directly from their digital sources through APIs and smart sensors.

2. An Asset Management tool which enables users to manage their assets and devices virtually and control their energy consumption and thereby emissions management, proactively.

3. A Commercial Facilities Energy Efficiency (CFEE Label) digital asset rating system which provides real-time CO2 emissions per occupant of the commercial facilities.

4. A blockchain-enabled Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Accounting and Reporting tool with real-time and historical data for organizational compliance and to support their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals.

5. An integrator with the carbon trade ecosystem through its Carbon Credit Claims module, where emissions reductions are immutably delivered to registries for certification by standards bodies. 

Verdana as in fig.1, is available as a full-blown service including all of the five modules. Each of these modules are also available as individual API services which can be subscribed as per need. 

Verdana’s value proposition

Verdana Emissions Management System delivers an end-to-end digital solution that eliminates carbon management pain points. 

  • Verdana helps reduce energy consumption, lower operating costs, and generate savings for organizations.
  • Verdana connects to multiple sources of data from different digital platforms like Building Management Systems, Electric Vehicles Cloud systems, Renewables sensors, Enterprise Resource Platforms, and similar automated systems to collect, aggregate, analyze, and report emissions data accurately.
  • Verdana helps to track and verify energy consumption, sources of consumption, water utilization, and other environmental indicators to calculate real-time greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Verdana helps organizations to eliminate data collection errors and improve the accuracy, reliability, and transparency of their sustainability reporting.
  • Verdana maintains tamper-proof records for both real-time and historical data, thus increasing the credibility of greenhouse reports and reduces the hassles of both accountable stakeholders and auditors.
  • Verdana helps streamline data from multiple sources to enable better decision-making for emissions reductions.
  • Verdana’s integration with the EcoConsortium Digital Carbon Registry facilitates and simplifies carbon credit claims.
  • Verdana acts as a bridge from the customer to the global carbon market through its carbon credit claims module.
  • Verdana’s outputs are ISO compliant (GHG Reports) and adhere to UNFCCC CDM Methodologies (for carbon credit claims).

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