Restoring credibility to the Carbon Trade

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Carbon credit speculators could lose billions as offsets deemed ‘worthless’

Since January this year article after article comes to the same conclusion — there’s a problem with nature based carbon credits. Since inception, Verdana placed itself on the other side with a solution – a different asset class of commerical carbon credits, unaffected by the vagaries and assumptions that plague nature-based assets. What are these […]

The Voluntary Carbon Market

In the last five years, the voluntary carbon market (VCM) has seen an unprecedented growth in demand for carbon credits from voluntary climate change mitigation activities. This growth is driven by corporate climate commitments, consumer interest in individual and corporate climate change mitigation, investor appetite for carbon credits, and mandatory emissions disclosures and reductions.  In […]

Voluntary Carbon Offsets: An Empirical Market Study

Abstract: Climate change is one of the main challenges to economic development in the 21st century. One proposed solution to mitigate climate change is to create a global market mechanism to incentivize greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) reduction where some parties may purchase verified emissions reductions from other parties to offset their own emissions. These “carbon […]

Carbon markets 101

Introduction This briefing gives an overview of the current discussions under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement which establishes the foundation for market-based climate measures after 2020. It lays out key lessons from the Kyoto Protocol markets, highlights essential issues within the Article 6 negotiations, and provides recommendations on how to solve them. It concludes […]