Restoring credibility to the Carbon Trade

2 Celsius, So What?

“Those on the left have everything upside down. They think it’s cars and planes and air conditioners and fossil fuels that are heating the planet.  Wrong — these are the things that keep us cool,” — Stephen Moore in the New York Sun. A month or so ago I decided to trash the manuscript for […]

The government is actively recruiting carbon trading companies in the Middle East. Some foreign businessmen say they have given up the idea of ​​withdrawing from Hong Kong. General Chamber of Commerce: Hong Kong has a market of 85 million people

In the wake of anti-epidemic measures, some foreign capital initially withdrew from Hong Kong. However, foreign businessmen have noted a resurgence in interest due to the SAR government’s proactive efforts to attract carbon trading companies from the Middle East, successfully bringing them back to Hong Kong. Additionally, the General Chamber of Commerce’s visits to ASEAN […]

Verdana Emissions Management System – Electric Vehicles

Overview Verdana Emissions Management System for Electric Vehicles (commonly referred to as Verdana EVs), is a blockchain enabled combination of four digital technologies to supportEVs embark on carbon credits. 1- A real-time Electric Vehicle “dMRV” Digital Measurement, Reporting, andVerification SaaS platform which empowers the users to measure, report, and verifyvarious aspects of data and information […]

Carbon credit speculators could lose billions as offsets deemed ‘worthless’

Since January this year article after article comes to the same conclusion — there’s a problem with nature based carbon credits. Since inception, Verdana placed itself on the other side with a solution – a different asset class of commerical carbon credits, unaffected by the vagaries and assumptions that plague nature-based assets. What are these […]

Ecoconsortium research releases feasibility study on an islamic nations climate club

Climate clubs may be what eventually get the Paris Accord to workABU DHABI, UAE, August 1, 2023/ — With COP28 looming on the horizon, EcoConsortium Research feels it’s the right time to release their Feasibility Study on An Islamic Nations Climate Club. The feasibility study examines challenges faced by climate clubs and identifies key principles necessary for […]

Verdana Emissions Management System – Commercial Facilities

Overview Verdana Emissions Management System (commonly referred to as Verdana), is a blockchain enabled combination of five types of digital technologies, applicable in industries like commercial facilities, renewables, electric vehicles, to name a few 1. A real-time “dMRV” Digital Measurement, Reporting, and Verification SaaS platform which empowers the users to measure, report, and verify various aspects of […]