Restoring credibility to the Carbon Trade

Feasibility study on an Islamic Nations Climate Club: A White Paper

An EcoConsortium Reseach White Paper on The Feasibility study on an Islamic Nations Climate Club. Written By: Braham Singh, EcoConsortium Research. Version: 1 Dated: 30-June-2023 Abstract: This White Paper studies why climate clubs fail and conversely, what does it take for such an endeavour to succeed. We looked at why a country acting in their […]

EU – New rules for sustainable, durable products and no greenwashing

Recognizing the urgent need for sustainable practices and the importance of empowering consumers to make environmentally friendly choices, the European Parliament has taken a significant step forward. Backed by an overwhelming majority, the Parliament has endorsed draft legislation aimed at enhancing product labelling, durability, and combating misleading claims. This legislative proposal, known as the directive […]

Global warming paradox

Commercial facilities continue to contribute to global warming at alarming rates. This recent article in CNN sums up the perils of over-reliance on cooling systems, the vicious loop it creates, and the need to embrace energy efficiency solutions. Extracts below from article by Heather Chen, CNN (Fri, 9-Jun-23)  Source: =================================================================================== When the temperature soared […]

EcoRegistry and Verdana Launch Asia Pac’s First Digital Carbon Registry – EcoConsortium

EcoConsortium announced the launch of its fully operational digital carbon registry with dMRV that will revolutionalise carbon markets in Malaysia and SE Asia.  “By providing a digital carbon registry, we aim to enhance transparency, credibility, and efficiency in carbon markets, attracting international investors and driving sustainable growth.” – Asad Sultan KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA, June 7, […]

How To Use Carbon Tax To Tackle Green Washing

When it imposed a carbon tax, Singapore as usual, did something pioneering (becoming the first SE Asian country to bell that cat), while playing by the book — a carbon tax is arguably the most practical way to share ownership for Nationally Determined Commitments (NDCs) with the corporations responsible for greenhouse gas emissions. Singapore’s carbon […]

Cutting Down Rainforests On One Hand, Using Fossil Fuels On The Other

“If you cannot measure it, you can’t improve it.”Lord Kelvin Any which way you look at 2023, it began badly for the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM), with the media pummeling it for allegedly playing fast & loose with nature based carbon credits. It’s not as if this finger-pointing came out of the blue. Critics be […]

Uber to begin pilot with Verdana’s customer Sling Mobility

Uber partnering with Verdana’s valued customer, Sling, to onboard Sling’s electric two-wheeler fleet. Our congratulations to the Sling CEO, Love Yadav and thank you for mentioning us.  Sling Mobility’s smart system is connected to the Verdana platform for digital measurement, reporting, and verification (dMRV) on emission reductions. Uber is committed to become a fully zero-emission platform […]

DCX and Verdana announce partnership to reduce Green House Gas (GHG) emissions from agriculture and food waste

DCX, a Singapore based global SaaS platform for food commodity trading and logistics, will integrate with Verdana’s solutions that automate carbon management, facilitate carbon certification, and provide secure and credible carbon footprint analytics.The initial focus will be on 4 verticals – Rice, Fertilizer, Livestock and Food Waste, as well as related service areas like warehousing […]

Product Features Comparison Guide

Summary: The Verdana Blockchained SaaS platform allows you to monitor, manage and command all your carbon footprint and energy management KPIs, IT devices, Alarms, and CCTV video stream from anywhere, on any computer or smart device, though a single window. Importantly, the same immutable digital chain this platform creates from distant carbon footprints, also provides […]

A Verdana White Paper On An Immutable Data Chain From Remote Carbon Footprints To Authorized Stakeholders

Abstract: Verdana believes, the best way to restore credibility to the carbon trade is to digitise its pain-points. Towards this end, Verdana provides dMVR (digital Monitoring, Verification, Reporting)  over an immutable data chain from remote carbon footprints, to authorised stakeholders including management, auditors, verifiers, government authorities, certifying carbon registries and carbon exchanges. This unique end-to-end automation […]